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Mother: The Most Powerful Creature on Earth

Mothers; they are heroes of compassion, they are angels of goodness, so to speak. Mothers are the most powerful and productive creatures who give birth, feed, kiss, smell, wrap around, protect and watch over. We have all grown with them since "The Earth" was founded.

a new born baby girl with her mother
A Compassionate Mother

True meaning of motherhood is above all a matter of heart. With the feeling of #motherhood, the woman becomes

a wife

• a friend

• a life

• a companion

As all humanity, we are all children of our Mother Eve. No matter how good the emotions are on the earth, the mother is the top representative of them all. Each mother appears with the courage of a lion when necessary, and they throw themselves to danger without blinking an eye. A mother is so merciful to her children that if there was an attack she would never hesitate to throw herself into the mouth of the enemy at the cost of her life.

A mother with her daughter
Happy Mother's Day

The world undoubtedly has a special place in the universe. Yes, maybe there are much brighter celestial bodies than our earth. Just as there are planets larger than our earth, there are also planets spinning faster than our earth. The moon looks very bright from the earth, but since it has no atmosphere, there is no sign of life. The stars, galaxies and satellites in space are always beautiful as spectacle, but none of them are as special as our world.

So what makes our world so meaningful and special? What features it has makes it so meaningful. Is it just that it has an atmosphere? Physical properties such as soil, rock, water? What's more: Of course not. The main element that makes our world different and meaningful is human. Everything makes sense with human!

A world without people would be empty and meaningless, despite its geographic and natural beauties. Perhaps all these beauties were waiting for people who would benefit from her and give different meanings to the moments.

Here comes first; His Holiness Adam, The First Man!

What would #adam do all alone in the world. He needed someone to relieve his loneliness, add soul to his soul, a wife and a mother to his children. Such a wonderful world would not be without women, it would be incomplete. Adam couldn't be without Eve. And then #eve was created. Eve would be our mother so that all humanity would be. So the world was happy. Thanks to maternity, this fertile cycle has continued from ancient times to the present day. Yes, the woman's hand touched the world!..

The grace in mothers first embraces the family. They are the ornaments of the world. In a sense, while the mother revolves around her children, all life revolves around the mother.

Sublime Holiness Mother Mary and Jesus
Sublime Holiness Mother Mary

Motherhood is a sublime feeling. This feeling is at its peak as we see in the 'Holy Spirit' Mary who gave birth to the Prophet Jesus without a father, in Asiye who raised the Prophet Moses in the palace of the Pharaoh, in Hajar who was left alone in the desert with his son-Ismail by Prophet Abraham and finally in Amina who gave birth to the Prophet Muhammad.

However, all mothers are special. What makes the mother so special is the wonderful bond she establishes with her offspring. It plays the lead in the life of society as in the life of the main individual. Mothers who devote themselves to the upbringing of an offspring also ensure the survival of a society with their contributions to the individual's mental, emotional and mental health. Therefore, if a nation wants to progress in every aspect, it has to give the necessary value to the mother.

If you pay attention, people miss their mothers the most. They trust their mother's love the most. When people are left alone, in a difficult situation, and when they cannot find what they want in many emotions, they seek their mothers' compassionate, altruistic, loving touch and want them to be with their mothers just as sick people seek medicine.

The need for this human mother is so advanced that sometimes he screams at the top of his lungs and moan like a poor person! Especially if a person has lost his mother and if it is not possible for them to reunite, they had begged in desperation which literally cries out his helplessness and despair. So much so that these fluctuations are no different from the actions of an addict.

Every person is a mother addict, so to speak. Because the bond between the mother and her offspring does not end after birth, even if one of the parties dies, a connection continues, and it lasts forever.

On Earth, [whatever values ​​a person believes in, no matter his worldview, philosophy of life, or whatever doctrine he guided] the creature that feelings of affection, compassion, love and sacrifice befitting the most is the mother.

There is one thing that does not change; it is the inevitable need for every person's feelings of affection, compassion, love and sacrifice, which I mentioned above. There is no doubt that the representative of these feelings which every person needs as much as air, as much as water, like a medicine, is undoubtedly the mother.

A woman who dared to become a mother took the trouble of getting pregnant, the difficulty of carrying the baby in her womb for nine months, and the severity of labor pains. She shows her courage to take her pride in loving this trouble. She sacrificed her sleep until she/he had grown up (though children never grow up according to mothers), nursed until a certain age, constantly protected and watched, taught him/her to speak…

The first teacher of a man is his mother. We always learn the first information about life from our mother. Think of a person, when you feel the need for love, she gives you her love for nothing. She does the sacrifice before you even want it. Surrounding you with her tender arms.

Mother's Day is celebrated every year. In fact, all the days of the year are worth mothers' days. We should always make them feel special. Happy tomorrow is hidden in the happiness of mothers. If mothers are happy, everyone is happy.

The Most Powerful Creature on Earth is Called Mother!

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