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Astral Plane | Series One | What Do You Know About The Astral Body?

The astral body is defined in spiritism as a bodily being dematerializing some of the substances in their body and putting them into a desired form and revealing them elsewhere.

astral body
The Soul and Body

To put it more clearly, a person has two bodies, one of which is dense and the other subtle, in two separate places at the same time.

In Spirtualism, the "phantoms" of living people are given this name. The astral body is not subject to space and time. Because they are luminous being. There is a luminous halo called "Aura" around them. The astral body knows no obstacles or distance when traveling from one place to another. They are seen by people who are open to spirituality.

Every person has an astral body. This astral body is embedded in the body. In other objects, we see this as an electric current.

For example, when a leaf is photographed according to its favorable conditions, another leaf surrounding can be seen. Again, if we take the picture of our finger under the same conditions, we will observe another finger around our finger.

Even if it is tried to be explained as electric current by materialists, it is scientifically fixed that it is the part of our astral body that surrounds our whole body, which is seen around our finger. This is never an electric current.

Astral body leaving
Leaving Body

The astral body is the sheath of our soul. This being leaves our corpse at the time of need and moves away from us without any obstacles.

Father Bertrand and Poet Goethe

It is described in the following case in the magazine Spirit and Matter:

"British Protestant priest L. J. Bertrand took a group of children to Switzerland who wanted to visit the high mountains. Around Lucerne, they both started climbing the mountain by taking a guide. When they reached the "Glaciers" zone after climbing the rocks, the priest felt tired. He entrusted the children to the guides and gave them a description of the route to follow, and he advised them not to leave any other place.

After the children left, he sat down on a flat place to rest. But soon a deep sleep fell on him. Suddenly he thought he was waking up. He was gradually becoming conscious of it. But he realized with horror that he was no longer in his own body. His consciousness hovered over this body like a balloon. Asleep, he was watching his still body like a statue. All his efforts to move his arm and leg were in vain, the body on the ground looked like a stranger to himself.

the soul leaves body
The Soul Leaves Body

After a few minutes of anxiety and fear, he realized that his new state was not a bad situation at all. He felt very light and free from any pain and physical attachment. Several experiences have shown him that he can move effortlessly. He flew along steep slopes and soared like a bird in the icy mountain air, going wherever he wanted in the blink of an eye.

This gave him an idea: What were the children doing? As soon as he thought about this, he found himself among them. And to his amazement he saw that they had not followed the path he had described.

Although he tried to get their attention, nobody saw him. He even watched that the people in the group, who had a lunch break for a while, had their own food down to their stomachs with pleasure. He stayed around them for a long time, paying attention to what they said and their actions, then returned to his body, which was still deeply asleep.

It then occurred to him to see what his wife was doing at the hotel in Lucerne. He saw the hotel entrance, the waiters, the crowd. A car came and his wife got out of it. There were four other people with him. He tried to get their attention; but, like his previous attempt, he did not succeed in this. But he saw them getting out of the car, how his wife put the suitcases, then how his wife had tea.

But suddenly he felt a discomfort. The scene in Lucerne disappeared and found himself next to his body. His companions had come and thought he was frozen to death. But the guides saw his heart beating, now they were trying to bring him back to himself. His wife, who learned about the event later, could not understand the matter either. Because the events of both the child group and his wife were true to the slightest detail. "

The astral body of man, with all its vital functions, can be found in countless places, even if the corpse is in one place.

Experience in the West is a basis in science. They don't believe what they didn't try. "Is there a soul or not?" They either wants to bring it to the laboratory or at least tries to prove it with the hand, mouth, eyes, and ears of the medium. It is for this reason that many psychics have grown in the West around the world. However, the observers of the issue in the West are not just psychics.

Goethe is a German poet. He had a situation like this: “On a rainy evening, he was walking with his friend K.... in Weimar, Belvedere. He stopped suddenly, as if he had dreamed a dream, and shouted aloud, saying:

"My God! If I wasn't quite sure that my friend Frederic was in Frankfurt at this moment, I would have sworn it was him! ” Following this, he released a terrifying laugh. ‘But this is it... My friend Frederic! You are here in Weimar, huh? ... But how, for God's sake, did you wear my nightgowns, skullcap and slippers and stepped into the middle of a huge street like this? ” K... , who did not see any of what Goethe saw and did not understand anything from it, was afraid, thinking that the poet was suddenly insane.

But Goethe, preoccupied with what he saw alone, held out his hand and shouted:

" Frederic... where did you go? O my Lord?.. My dear K... where did the man we came across now, did you not see? " Surprised K... could not give any answer. The poet turned his head to both sides and screamed in a contemplative manner: " Yes, I understand. This is just an image. But what could it mean? I wonder if my friend died suddenly? Is that his soul? "

astral dimension
Astral Dimension

Goethe came to his home and found Frederic at home. His hair was straight. He retreated, yellowing like a dead person. And he shouted, "The ghost continues." His friend replied. "But my dear, is this how a man welcomes his faithful friend?" Goethe both crying and laughing: "Oh, this is not a soul, but a being made of flesh and bone." And the two friends embraced.

The event happened like this: Frederic came to Goethe's house, but because he was wet from the rain, he took off his clothes and put on the poet's nightgown, cap and slippers. In this state, he lay on the sofa and slept. He also dreamed of Goethe, and Goethe told him: '' Are you in Weimar? How did you get to the middle of the big street in my nightgowns ... in my cap and slippers? ''

This article series will follow...

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